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About us

A Leading Company With 30 Years Experience


Our mission

Our mission is continuously add to and improve the services we offer. 


Our vision

Our vision is to help 3000 familes by the year of 2022


Our support

We firmly believe our staff are the most important part of our business. 


Why choose us


30 years in the game

We have 30 years experience in this field and we are reliable, honest & trustworthy


UK call centre

Our UK call centre is based in the South of England and provide UK wide coverage


Awesome staff

Our friendly staff are experienced to deal with your call quickly and efficiently


About Be Insure

We at BeInsure pride ourselves on providing a reliable, honest and trustworthy service. Our experienced customer care advisors are on hand to help you find the most comprehensive service to meet your needs which means our customers are fully protected for your peace of mind.


We are open and transparent with all our services and our friendly and helpful call staff are always happy to answer any questions to ensure our services are right for you and give you full peace of mind.

our wonderful

Team of people

We firmly believe our staff are the most important part of our business. Without the correct knowledge and training they’d be unable to offer our customers the best customer care they currently provide.


Our UK based call centre is in the South of England and we do not out source our calls. All our staff are experienced and trained to handle calls quickly and efficiently whilst still providing you with all the correct information and the customer service you deserve and we’re very proud of their call handling skills.

Want peace of mind? Find out more today. . . 
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